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Fio wins the Blue & White Battle

Congratulations to Fiorino Clerici for his victory in the Blue & White competition last weekend in GCCS.

The tournament sponsored by Paolo Bianchi is only played from the back tees and Fio won with a Gross score of -4.

This victory was good enough in it’s self but Fio also beat me for the first time by 2 shots(REVENGE will be had soon…..)

How to hole out

Putting is obviously the most rewarding and yet most frustrating part of this wonderful game!!!

I’ve been a great putter in the past and I’ve been lousy when I was trying too hard but now I feel finally like I understand how to hole it when you need it…

The main problem is trying too hard to hole putts instead of just lining up and letting go.

So here’s the process I recommend-

60% importance-Reading the line of the putt.
Take your time to calculate and visualise how your ball will travel across the green.

30% importance-Line yourself and the putter up correctly so that you FEEL like you can start your ball on the intended start line.

10% importance-Swing the putter freely rolling the ball with a speed that will take it 40cm past the hole(the distance proven to take more balls into the hole.)

And finally…….Hold the putter as lightly as possible at ALL TIMES!!!!

Putting is pure pleasure and if you’re not enjoying the process then you won’t hold the putts….TRUST ME!!!!

Scared of the H2O?

I see all the time how all of a sudden golfers panic when there’s water in sight and although I might not be able to take away all of that fear,I may be able to give you the right point to focus on……

The most common reason for finding the water is a simple miss hit…We worry about finding it and then we do because of anxiety in the swing.

When facing a shot over water the most important thing is a precise impact on the ball where you will benefit the most from the trampoline effect out of the sweet spot.

So don’t try to help the ball or do anything extra,just relax,remember the pretty swings you see in TV and swing the club straight through the back of the ball to keep it dry and safe…;-)

Fairway Bunker Shot

We all visit the fairway bunkers along the way and as long as there’s not a high front on the bunker it’s not a difficult shot as long as you have the right thoughts in your mind.

  • Take the grip a little shorter in your hands
  • Try to keep your feet as quiet as possible
  • Focus precisely on the back of the ball
  • Keep up your swing speed
  • Take the ball cleanly without any sand

Don’t be afraid of the sand,it’s much easier to control the ball from a clean hit out of the bunker than if you’re playing from the rough!!!

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