MK almost in RIO for British GOLD!!!

Golf is an Olympic Sport again and with great pride I supported Stefan Fiji as Co-Commentator this week for the Men’s Olympic golf.

The course is amazing, the weather just beautiful and Justin Rose won in GOLD in TRUE British style.

This week starts the Ladies Golf so tune into SF2 or watch on the Rio Player found online under for live coverage from Wednesday onwards and of course my Semi-Perfect German will keep you up to date on all the on course drama…

Gran Canaria here we come….

After spending 5 days in the Hotel Villa del Conde and playing on the Melonares course last week I am happy to report that I have found the perfect destination for a few of my Winter Golf weeks.

The hotel was just great and the service that we experienced amazing and that together with large rooms, a great selection of restaurants and some cute evening entertainment makes look very much forward to visiting again over the coming Winter season.

The Melonares golf course was as always in perfect condition and has a great range and pitching/putting green with the most beautiful view!

Join me for some Winter Golfing Pleasure…All details on my Trip page.

The perfect Winter location-Melonares Golf,Gran Canaria

I took a few days away from Schönenberg to check out the Gran Canadian destination where I have planned some of my Winter Golf Weeks and I can happily report that I made a GREAT decision to come here!!!

The Hotel Villa del Conde has the most friendly staff that I have ever experienced and the quality of the hotel itself is 5***** all the way through with good food, big beautiful rooms and a location by the sea within 5 minutes of the Melonares golf course.

The Melonares golf course is just amazing and has perfect training facilities for the weeks that I have on offer with a great range and pitching/chipping & putting green overlooking the coastline.

If you’re looking for a Winter Golf Week with Productive and Efficient daily training programmes, warm weather, great golf courses and a lot of fun then come and join me….

All details can be found on my trip page.

Coming Soon…Daily Joga on MK Golf Trips

I will hopefully be able to offer daily yoga on some of my golf trips in 2017.

Morning stretching and some evening  yoga will surely help to keep us tension free and flexible enough to make your swing smooth and get those extra points and putts rolling in….

Keep your eye on my trip page to see on which courses this will be offered or contact me if you have any questions;-)

P.S.Thats not me on my head!!!



Swiss Birthday in Style

The Swiss Birthday was celebrated in GREAT style this year in Schönenberg with beautiful weather, the course playing wonderfully and the Schönenbergers came out in great numbers to play the scramble event that was generously sponsored by our Ziischtig-Club(Tuesday Club.)

Music was played, choirs sung, all kinds of Swiss specialities were served by Daniel and Annemieke in the restaurant and this special day really started and finished with a Big Bang!

Thank you to my team of Dave, Guy and Mirjam for keeping me laughing and very well done to the Ziischtij-Club for putting on such a great event!

Fio wins the Blue & White Battle

Congratulations to Fiorino Clerici for his victory in the Blue & White competition last weekend in GCCS.

The tournament sponsored by Paolo Bianchi is only played from the back tees and Fio won with a Gross score of -4.

This victory was good enough in it’s self but Fio also beat me for the first time by 2 shots(REVENGE will be had soon…..)

How to hole out

Putting is obviously the most rewarding and yet most frustrating part of this wonderful game!!!

I’ve been a great putter in the past and I’ve been lousy when I was trying too hard but now I feel finally like I understand how to hole it when you need it…

The main problem is trying too hard to hole putts instead of just lining up and letting go.

So here’s the process I recommend-

60% importance-Reading the line of the putt.
Take your time to calculate and visualise how your ball will travel across the green.

30% importance-Line yourself and the putter up correctly so that you FEEL like you can start your ball on the intended start line.

10% importance-Swing the putter freely rolling the ball with a speed that will take it 40cm past the hole(the distance proven to take more balls into the hole.)

And finally…….Hold the putter as lightly as possible at ALL TIMES!!!!

Putting is pure pleasure and if you’re not enjoying the process then you won’t hold the putts….TRUST ME!!!!

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