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“Welcome to my website, welcome to my golf life. Those who know me know how passionate I am about what I do and how much I enjoy sharing this passion with you. Let’s celebrate great moments together on fantastic courses and come to our great indoor facilities to make them even better. I would also like to share with you some great tools I use to have even more fun in our Golf Live.”

Live Golf Lessons – Players Playground

48 years of Golf Experience coupled together with the most modern technology is waiting for you in Thalwil.

MK Golf Weeks

My golf weeks are tailored to help you relax, learn and enjoy in beautiful locations only.


MK’s Promise


Motivation for your golf game


Better understanding of your game's needs


better understanding of how to train


more fun while your experimenting and learning

MK’s Personal Playing Career

Years of Experience

Holes in One

Course Records

Professional Tournaments Won


I have played in tournaments on the European Tour, Challenge Tour, Euro Pro Tour and many other tours as well as playing the British Open in 1992 and yes my playing experience will help you in your PR tests, monthly medals or club championships.

Playing under pressure

Knowing how to play under pressure and how to use those nervous butterflies in your stomach to your advantage is key to being able to put your dream number on that scorecard and the nervous feelings just confirm that this is the greatest game on earth.

Why MK ???

I don’t want to build your swing and I want you to stop manipulating your swing. You need to create a fitting speed in your swing and you need to communicate with the ball but you, your mind and your body make the rules and I will help you create a perfect golf shot with a movement that feels natural, comfortable and repeatable.

I want to help every golfer find their perfect shot with their own individual swing and I promise you that I can and that the process of getting there can be a lot of FUN …

Helping people play beautiful golf shots is my greatest passion and I promise you right now that it’s really not that difficult.

About Marcus Knight

Having played golf now for over 48 years I truly believe that I have made every mistake and I have found a solution for each one of them and this without referring to youtube or asking another coach. I believe that the golf swing is much simpler than people say and is very logical in every department and this clear vision of what’s happening and what needs to be done is what I try to teach to all of my students.

I personally competed at every level and since turning Professional over 30 years ago I have experienced most scenarios that golf has to offer and I know that understanding the pressures of competition gives me a great advantage of knowing what it takes to accept these emotions and how we can use them to to our own advantage on the course.

During any lesson be it physically on the range or golf course, via remote training or through my Pocket MK library of instruction videos my goal is to help you understand what makes the ball move and what you personally need to do to create your perfect golf shots. Every golfer is unique and it doesn’t matter if you are 20 or 80, you have your own perfect shot and I want to help you create it and know how to keep it.

I love this wonderful game and I want to help create happy golfers who appreciate this game and what it has to offer our lives as much as I do, MK.

Getting around a golf course enjoyably and successfully is an art form that can’t be learnt on the range and before you can achieve it you need to understand it and that has been my quest for 46 years.




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